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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Not an Empty Garden: a poem


Not an Empty Garden


You on the outside looking in

may see an empty garden here

with cracked sidewalks

and barren spaces

but look closer behind my door

and find I have saved the best

of my fruits

from prying insects and encroaching weeds

my gate open only

to those who bring sunshine

and fresh rain to my garden.

You will see what happened here

while farming in my younger years

the crooked rows and eaten crops

the stolen grain and diseased leaves

no longer exist

and roots grow deep

into rich, dark soil for the few that care.

So come to my gate

call out my name

and in the sun or rain

I will come out to play

to dance in my garden with you


despite it all

I’m still standing.


September 24, 2020

Tansy Julie Soaring Eagle Paschold


Inspired by Elton John’s “Empty Garden”

Norfolk Public Library Writing Prompt to use favorite song lyrics in a poem

Friday, September 4, 2020

You said No: Preying Mantis


You said no


I found a dead preying mantis

on my picnic table today and wondered

what omen

this predicted.


a chapter closed

as you said no for the final time.

I had asked you

to go to counseling:

you said no.

I had asked you

to stop yelling at me and threatening me:

you said no.

I had asked you

to stop calling us names:

you said no.

I had asked you

to manage your money:

you said no.

This last time I had asked you

to pay a portion of your half, your part

to show you care:

again, you said no.

I will ask no longer.

Tonight, under the full moon,

I walked behind your house

and on your car

I placed the last item of yours

I was holding on to:

the Christmas stocking I meticulously made

with your name on it.

In this gesture I set you free

and let go of the man I saw:

the man you could have become.

You said no too many times.

The preying mantis still lies


on my table outside,

no longer the predator

hunting and seizing those

vulnerable souls

unfortunate enough to leave open

hearts and wallets,



Tansy Julie Soaring Eagle Paschold

September 3, 2020