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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to make a Denim Butt Purse

A little how to while Old Man Winter finds his sleeping pills and leaves us alone soon....

By request....

How to make my butt purses.  This may put me out of business since it is so easy.

You need a pair of denim pants and a belt.  The size of the pants determines the size of the purse.  I love my son's little pants, but larger sizes are more functional.

Lay the pants out, either butt or front side up.  With strong scissors, cut along the line where the crotch is.  Keep the legs for another project, my denim tote bag.  (Yes, I use everything.)

Turn inside out.  Then sew along that line to create the purse.  Here is a photo of the purse after the bottom is sewed:

Then turn right side out.

Take the belt (a longer one that is fabric works best) and hand sew on the sides for the handle.  Obviously, a longer belt makes a longer handle.  Or use smaller pieces of ribbon or other straps for shorter handles on the side.

Here are two photos of the finished product.

Now fill with your essentials or give as a gift, and enjoy!  The pockets are natural places for those smaller items you need to find quickly like the cell phone, cough drops, lipstick, and keys.

If you use this, please quote the idea by Julie Paschold through Soaring Eagle Creativity.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I love....

  • taking naps with cats
  • coffee, black, either cold or hot (or lukewarm)
  • the smell of rain
  • sleeping
  • one on one time with my children
  • having time to do my creative expressions
  • poetry
  • writing on yellow legal paper
  • camping
  • sitting by a fire
  • drawing with a pencil
  • reusing items for crafting
  • my wavy, curly hair
  • painted toenails
  • a good bra
  • a productive day
  • listening to a variety of  music
  • live performances
  • people who are real
  • being liked
  • being able to remember what I need to remember
  • deep conversations with my husband
  • reading in my big armchair
  • cuddling in a quilt
  • cuddling with my son
  • teaching my daughter about anything
  • the truth
  • knowing what my schedule will be
  • cats
  • frogs
  • catching critters by the pond
  • looking for rocks
  • collecting pieces of the out of doors
  • the creative process
  • cheese
  • the feeling after a good workout
  • taking walks
  • my last name
  • visiting my family farm
  • watching a child discover something
  • liking what I see in the mirror
  • comfortable clothes
  • writing
  • being caught up in my to do list
  • singing (especially alto)
  • being complimented
  • people who accept me as I am
  • feeling secure
  • blue or green eyes
  • a man's strong arms and work worn hands
  • small feet
  • going to the zoo, seeing different animals
  • my husband
  • my daughter
  • my son
  • my family
  • positive feedback