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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Gone: a poem

 Let me be one of the first to die

Do not let me say good bye

Place no more words inside this mouth

Upon this tongue that falters

without the scrapings of a pen


I am inexplicably

on the verge of tears

and simultaneously led

to a cave of grim placation

no goldfinches to sing to me now

green has withered

to the shape of a shadow


Mud fills my ears and eyes

senses dull to the

tingling of a piano playing

a sheet of black rises

above the rainbowed lines


I am enveloped in your

cold black arms again

sinking to the grey

as the clock ticks on the wall

to an empty room

where a cat sleeps in the sunlight

waiting for no one.




Saturday, December 11, 2021

Wrestle for Keeps: a poem

Watch daughter study

Watch son wrestle

Wrestle on mat

Wrestle with words

Words left unsaid

Words slip off tongue

Tongue in cheek

Tongue tied in knots

Knots in muscle

Knots hold us here

Here among the crowd

Here all alone

Alone not lonely

Alone with memories

Memories long forgotten

Memories of the past

Past is gone

Past comes to bite you

You come to visit

You will help

Help with chores

Help me out

Out of the closet

Out in the open

Open the door

Open to anything

Anything can happen

Anything under the sun

Sun and sand

Sun and moon

Moon glow at night

Moon and stars

Stars are falling

Stars in her eyes

Eyes on potato

Eyes can’t see

See the signs

See what’s coming

Coming to get you

Coming home

Home from work

Home is family

Family ties

Family secrets

Secrets to tell

Secrets to keep

Keep hearts forever

Keep remembering love




Form poem: The Blitz