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Monday, February 25, 2013

Success v. Satisfaction

Has anyone thought of the difference between success and satisfaction?

Definition of SUCCESS by Webster:
"...Achievement of something intended or desired; attaining wealth, fame, or prosperity."

Definition of SATISFACTION by Webster:
"...Anything which brings about a happy feeling; the fulfillment of a need, appetite, or desire; a source of gratification."

Of course we realize someone can be successful in our society's terms and not be satisfied, or be satisfied with themselves and not be successful in society's terms.

Is the question--whose success?  On whose terms, whose intentions, whose desires are the measurement for success?  If you use what "everyone" thinks, or what you think everyone thinks, aren't we all set up for failure rather than success?  I've found that I can't be and do all I want to, or all that I think others expect of me.  For me, the problem isn't that I'm not successful, it is that I'm using the wrong source of definitions and desires.  How can I assume I know what everyone thinks?  Yet we all have that idea of what "society" expects of us, and I use it to define what results in my success and satisfaction.

I am working on defining my own level of success, and being satisfied with what I have.  It isn't when others are proud of me that I feel satisfaction, it is when I feel good about what I have done and who I am and what I have tried to do.  I will never live up to perfection or what others hold up for me.  I am thankful that the true family and friends I have accept me at my level, not the level of someone who is over the top successful in the eyes of those who look for comfort in finances or materials or number of friends or popularity.

I am who I am, and am learning to be happy about that.  It is not about lowering my expectations, it is about being real about them.  I am not lowering the level of happiness I will achieve, I am changing how I look at the world and my part in it.  Do I want to try to live up to what so many "Joneses" have established as their success?  Are they satisfied with it?  I wouldn't be, and I've made myself crazy, tired, and frustrated trying to do so.

Happiness brings about satisfaction.  Achievement of my own goals will bring about my own success.