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Friday, April 12, 2024

Even Better: a poem


Even Better


Even better than a plodding 3-toed land-locked

emu is to imagine yourself the white feathered

egret, soaring above rivers into skies & clouds

eternal holding their droplets of dew; no boundaries.


Even better than the rangeland’s wool-covered cluster of

ewes is to step heavy into wrinkled footprints of an

elephant, these giants lumbering gracefully,

elegant despite their size, with large clear knowing



Even better than racing the clock, saving the world from some

existential crisis is to prevent the chaos from

enveloping our world, cloaking the innocents,

eating all inhabitants in its wake. With

each beating of our civilized hearts, we

erect barriers to our Mother Nature, the

earth who birthed us all. In the name of

energy we are zapping the sun’s rays hotter,

excrement filling our oceans, ice caps melting,

ending mighty glaciers that collapse and crash.


Even better than waiting for that magical day, an

event that

erases our

errors of the past, some heavenly formation of the

exoskeleton we have destroyed, instability

eroding our ozone no longer, wanting more than an

ethereal gauze hazing our future, we

eventually need to face ourselves, to stand

either together or never again, to rid the

ether of lies we inhale to hide our truths,

exit the past of our destruction, join as

equals with our Mother. Respect our resources,

eyes no longer

eclipsed to the glorious

eternity we may offer,

ere this planet and all on it



Tansy Julie the Soaring Eagle Paschold



WD April 2024 Challenge # 10 ____________Better & Write Now #41: begin each line w/ “E”