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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


As I went to work one morning, the mother of the woman I work for asked yet again if I would like produce from her garden.  I thanked her, and accepted butternut squash and pumpkins.  Later, the offer was for gourds, before eggplant and tomatoes.  She shared with me more squash and gourds than I could take, so I shared with friends and neighbors.  A neighbor offered to share pear tomatoes in exchange.  

I answered the door one day a few weeks ago, and a gal from up the street offered an acorn squash and onions in exchange for a simple thank you.  She wanted nothing in return.  The sweet basket she was bringing around to the neighborhood offered much produce.  

A friend and neighbor offered coffee and a listening ear for my problems without a gossiping or judging ear.  

Such sharing and offering in the spirit of neighborliness is such that I haven't experienced in other than our small town.  I appreciate it, and in the family trial we are going through, I have hope for this town.  The family emergency had me questioning whether or not it would be good to stay here, but the giving and sharing in this town also has me convinced there is enough in this town to uphold our fragile humble state.  

Thank you to all who have shared even the smallest of hope, and here's hoping there is much more sharing from now on.  There is hope where God is.