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Friday, September 13, 2013

Giving when there's nothing left

I write this as I sit during a craft fair at my house's garage, a part of the Midwest Treasure Hunt 2013.  I believe it is the first of its kind, and as all things, it's a few years before it takes on.  This is then the start of my new company, Soaring Eagle Creativity, in conjunction with my husband's company, Kupasch Designs.

Soaring Eagle Creativity, my inspiration, concentrates on the more creative artsy craftsy kind of of things.  Halla makes handmade bracelets and inspirocks, rocks with inspirational words or symbols on them.  I supplement that with wine bottle bud vases, denim bags, butt purses, book sculptures, pencil sketches, and magazine collages.

Pat's company is more centered on carpentry and home remodeling, including handmade foldable wooden stools, custom made cabinets, and other general home remodeling jobs.  He works a full time job, so this part time company is on his free time and the bookwork and organization relies on my expertise.

Needless to say, with my lack of a real full or part time job (I do work a few mornings for a disabled gal), we are hard pressed enough for money that not only have we cut everything possible from our budget as is safe to do, but we have utilized the food bank in the not so distant past.

However, at the urging of our daughter through her Silver Award in Girl Scouts (the second highest award in Girl Scouting), we have committed to sell the crafts and small carpentry items from our companies as well as any donations we receive 100 percent to two benefits.  One, which will receive half of our income, goes to the Mercy Meals of the Orphan Grain Train.  The second benefit, which will receive the other half of our income, will pay for counseling for abused children.

If you have any need for Christmas or birthday gifts, want some creative items for your home, or just want to help out families in need in the area, we are your place to shop.  Pencil sketches can be done based on a favorite photo of yours, the foldable wooden stools are good for camping, fishing, and short term sitting, a wine bottle bud vase is a good hostess gift, the denim purses and tote bags are good for teens and all women alike.  Want to know what I have?  Call me.  I can select for you a unique purse or tote bag.

Just please, help us with our endeavor to make this world a little more giving of a place.  Help us help others, regardless of our own situations.  What a giving spirit my daughter shows us.  Quite the example to display.  Use it to inspire yourself.

At the risk of sending my information to the wrong people, please call me at
402-528-3750 to discuss this, or stop by our house to see what we have.

Julie Soaring Eagle Paschold