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Monday, May 4, 2020

Tansy Season: a poem

Tansy * noun * [Origin: Middle English-tanesey, Old French-tanesie, Medieval Latin-athanasia, Greek-athanatos—immortal, equivalent to a + thanatos—death] * a common weedy composite herb (Tanaceum vulgare) with an aromatic odor, very bitter taste, and finely divided leaves; broadly: a plant of the same genus

sometimes I’ll be
standing in a field
and it looks like I’m
doing nothing

I’ll tell you
I’m listening
with my eyes

today I see
a small plant
with lacy leaves
and delicate yellow flowers
in April
it seems too early
to see blooms
but for these tough winter annuals
this tansy mustard
it’s just another day in the sun
and looking small and delicate
is a ruse
for how resilient
Mother Nature
has created her children
that proliferate
this early

a child of the aster family
cousin of the daisy
Tansy’s root word is a relative of death
meaning immortality and health

like the bitter yellow tansy
I may be sensitive and small
but am weather worn and
stand through storms
ready for what is blown my way

do not see only with your eyes
but listen closely too
very still
and hear as I do
the small fire within

I am ready for the next season

my tansy season

I am tough
but lacy

but strong


every edge cut just so
for you old man weather

this little tansy Julie
grows on
blooms on
lives on

April 30, 2020
Tansy Julie Soaring Eagle Paschold

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