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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Cowboy Trail, early evening: a poem

Writer's Digest challenges us to write a poem each day in April. As I was walking on one of my favorite trails (Cowboy Trail, starting on the East Trail Head along 1st Street in Norfolk, Nebraska), this poem came to me. It was a lovely day yesterday.

"On your left"
passing you twenty-somethings
on this trail.
I may be short
but my legs are long and strong.
My life may have surpassed four decades
but my heart. beats. still.
Breaths come in full and deep and even.
Goose and frog
Pup and songbird
express jubilance among my pheromones.
The sun and I
old friends
race each other
in opposite directions.

Julie "Soaring Eagle" Paschold

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