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Monday, December 18, 2023

One More Time: a poem


One More Time

 I hope you know
when I deleted your messages
it was not me deleting you;
that I still see your eyes
and remember your words
and feel your hands and lips
and body, still smell
the smell of you on my couch.
That I wish we had one last
pleasant moment after the pain,
that we could have spoken
words of closure, that I
could reach back and show
you why I did what I did,
and it wasn’t because of you
but what others have done
to me that broke and scarred
who I am today, that I am
trying, that you matter to me,
that I believed what you
said and I thought we were
headed somewhere other than
off a dead-end cliff,
that when I didn’t hear from
you it felt as though you had
disposed of me and that I
was garbage to you, and now
when we see each other you
will act as if we are
strangers, that I meant
and mean nothing to you.
I want to tell you in the quiet
when it is only us two
that I am sorry, oh, just
one more time, to see you
and tell you to your face—
I still care, I’m still here,
I still miss you—
each and every blessed day.


Tansy Julie the Soaring Eagle Paschold



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